1. rcekat:

    Wild Flag performing “Nothing” on Sound Opinions radio show 2011

  2. Wild Flag performs ‘Black Tiles’ on Sound Opinions at WBEZ, 2011.

  6. tomorrowville:

    Hey, I’m Mary Timony. While Carrie sings, I’m just gonna space out over here and tear it the hell up with my guitar playing like it’s no big deal, that cool with you? Yeah, I’ll probably even do some tapping up on the neck while I just kinda float around in a cloud of awesome. It’s all good.

  7. tomorrowville:

    “We got together in Portland, and we were just kind of jamming on that song, and then I found the vocals. That’s pretty rare, when the whole essence of the song just appears instantly like that. There were months when we wouldn’t go back to that song, because we couldn’t figure out where to go with it. We just thought, ‘Oh, we’re not going to record it,’ and then all of a sudden, it was the beast it was meant to be…It’s mostly one vocal take. I drank some whisky and just went for it.” - Carrie Brownstein (roughly transcribed from Sound Opinions)

  8. The group has clearly wowed Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, whose giddiness over Wild Flag’s in-studio performance for this week’s show makes them sound more like love-struck fanboys than critics… The most affecting part of the podcast comes when guitarist Carrie Brownstein talks about how she re-discovered her love of playing music after several years of burnout in the wake of Sleater-Kinney’s break-up. Brownstein sounds like an artist reborn, which makes Wild Flag seem like a real band and not a one-time diversion.

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